Summer Session

The standard summer package includes 6 classes and all materials and digital content.  We are allowing for flexible scheduling of a minimum of 3 classes up to 7+ classes. The cost reflects an initial enrollment fee and then a per class cost.

Summer classes have the same format as classes throughout the year.

There are 3 summer collections.

Summer Collections review several songs from the previous year and add a few new ones.

For families who were enrolled during the school year, Summer is a time for review.

For learning, we at Music Together® believe that repetition is good,  repetition is good,  repetition is good,  repetition is good,  repetition is good...

Children have an amazing capacity to learn through play and through exhaustive review of new material.  For them summer is a time to review what they have learned.  For their adults, it's something of a psychic break!  There is less pressure to master new material in order to model the songs for the kids.  At the same time, summer  is likely to inspire the adults to sing and dance spontaneously and freely.

For new families, summer provides a "taster" of a Music Together semester.  Only 6 weeks instead of 10 with families coming and going on vacation, and with a shorter song selection than during the year,  the atmosphere is more laid back. The summer service fee is lower than the rest of the year.


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