Tuition and Payment

We have two locations:

117 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights and 97 Bond Street in Boerum Hill

New families pay a one-time fee of $50;

Tuition is $26.50 per class.  Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are 10 weeks long and a minimum of 6 classes is recommended.  Flex-sessions, like Summer 2017 and PreFall ("Family Favorites") September mini-sessions allow for purchase of individual classes in packages.  In every case, classes are $26.50 each. (If you come late to a session, tuition is reduced by $26.50 per missed week of class.)

Every session requires an enrollment fee that covers everything that has to do with making music OUTSIDE of the classroom (digital downloads, access to the online community and Music Zone, all printed materials).  The enrollment for regular 10-week sessions in the fall, winter, and spring is $55. Summer 2017 the enrollment fee  is $40, the enrollment fee for Family Favorites September 2017 is $15.

Our mini-session called "Pre-Fall" runs just for September.  Summer session is 6 weeks and a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended.  We can work with you to fit your schedule.

Siblings are discounted, and siblings under 8 months are free.

$25 discount for children 3, 4, and 5 years old (use coupon at checkout.)

Save $10 by reserving an upcoming session with your current enrollment.

There is an additional service fee of $55 per registration, $40 service fee in summer, and $15 for the September pre-fall session.  This fee covers the 1/2 of Music Together® that supports music-making OUTSIDE of the classroom. It is required.

Families are entitled to attend one free demo per session; However, if you do register for the session, we expect that you pay for the class you took retroactively.

When a family pays for a full session, adults who do not normally have a chance to attend are welcome to come to class additionally at no extra charge.  

Prices are reduced for Kiddie Korner families and members of Congregation Bnai Avraham

You can prorate for anticipated, missed classes (for which you cannot do a makeup.)

Makeups are UNLIMITED within a session. Your enrollment includes all materials, including a DVD/guide entitled,"Music Together at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically" their first semester with the program, and song book, the music both printed and digital, as well as access to online content.

Scholarships are available. Contact us for more info

Music Together Classes

Below explains our policies: 

IMPORTANT:  Payment is necessary to complete your registration.  Without payment, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED. 

You may pay online with a credit card. 

To pay with  cash, money order, or a check made out to Naomi's Music, you must mail or hand-deliver your payment to Naomi.

To mail payment:  Please make your check out to: Naomi's Music, and mail to: 60 State Street/apt 2B/Brooklyn, NY 11201

Please contact Naomi directly to arrange for payment via VenMo or ApplePay or Direct Deposit.  


  1. you may receive a FULL REFUND up until the first day of class.  You may attend the first class and then withdraw for a full refund only if materials are returned unopened and no dowload code was provided.
  2. AFTER the first day of class, there will be NO REFUNDS or tuition roll-overs.  Exceptions are only made due to extreme, extenuating circumstances. 
  3. NO REFUNDS or tuition roll-overs will be offered due to nap and scheduling conflicts since make-ups are available at all times, and since proration is available for anticipated, missed classes. Make-ups are available during every scheduled class. For more information about Kiddie Korner, check out their website: For more information about Kiddie Korner, click HERE:

Kiddie Korner and B'nai Avraham members pay a $50.00 fee (and the service fee of $55 when Kiddie Korner is not doing the same collection- spring and summer).

New Families pay a higher fee, returning families do not pay this fee.  Classes prorated by subtracting $26.50 per missed class (and an additional $10 for each sibling) at time of registration only.

Click here to submit required information

Missing Classes

Make-ups are encouraged and available during every scheduled class.

schedule a make-up here

You MAY NOT* roll over missed classes from one session to the other or obtain a refund for said classes*. 

If you cannot make up a class and need to prorate, please contact us to arrange a prorated fee.

*If there are extraordinary and extreme circumstances, this policy may be open to review.