BIG KIDS ages 5-7

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The cost of BIG KIDS is $275 plus a $15 registration fee which will be deducted from your 2nd session.  2-3 sessions is recommended for each child.  The curriculum is based on a full-year term. Your 5-, 6-, or 7-year old is developing quickly and exploring new activities, mastering new skills, and gaining experiences that support their growth in music and in life. 

The Music Together Big Kids® Program helps your child take the next step in music development by blending the elements of Music Together® that parents and children love with new activities, skills, and challenges that are developmentally appropriate for 5- through 7-year-old children. 

Through family music-making, Music Together mixed-age classes support the development of tonal and rhythm competence for infants through age 5.  In contrast, Big Kids classes lay the foundation for Basic Music Literacy.  Most important, it keeps kids involved in the joyful act of music making.   Big Kids classes can stand alone or complement formal music instruction in school or in private instrument lessons.  At Music Together, we recognize your older child’s new capabilities and provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes:

·       sol-fege,

·       ensembles

·       solos in singing and instrument play,

·       folk dances,

·       harmony singing,

·       vocal development, and

·       drumming skills.

The Big Kids classroom is a safe, familiar, fun environment where your child can experiment with new musical activities like conducting and improvisation, story songs, “silly operas,” and game songs. 

Parent participation is the hallmark of the Music Together program, but many children of this age are ready for more independence in the classroom, so parent attendance in each Big Kids class is welcome, but not required.  You and your child will receive a songbook, 2 CDs, and HomePlay activities so that the entire family can continue the fun and learning at home and you can stay connected with what your child is learning in class. 

Classes are 60 minutes long and meet weekly for 10 weeks, three semesters per year. Since the program provides a cumulative learning sequence, a minimum of three semesters is recommended, with six or more preferred.

  • During class, children learn musical skills and appreciation through a special Music Together curriculum developed just for 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds. Every family enrolled in class receives a Music Together Big Kids edition songbook with activities specially created for 5-7-year-olds, two copies of the recording, and weekly HomePlay activity pages.
  • Younger children are not developmentally ready for the structure of a Big Kids class. To be eligible, your child must have turned 5 by the first day of class.
  • While this can be a "drop-off" class, you (or another caregiver) should plan to attend your child's first class, and attend the last class of each semester. You may attend any and all classes if you wish. However, due to the structure of the Big Kids class, we cannot accommodate younger siblings (except for babies younger than eight months). You and any younger siblings are welcome and encouraged to join the last 10 minutes of every class