Demonstration Classes


To get a sense of our classes, you may sit in on a class in session, or attend a Demonstration class.  

Demonstration Classes (known as "demos") are classes designed to show what a typical Music Together® class is.

Like all Music Together classes, demos are 45-minutes long and are designed for children of mixed ages (0-5) together with their grown-ups.

Demos feature more talking than usual as they strive to explain the "whys" behind the "whats" that we do in class.

Demo classes are free.

Registration is required (to control numbers.)

To participate in a class in session, you register for these classes the same way you register for demos.   THERE ARE NO FREE DEMOS DURING THE SUMMER SESSION as we are operating with a DROP-IN model.  Please register online for single classes during the summer. 

If you join the session in progress, you will be expected to pay for all classes that you attend, including the one you initially approached as a sample. 

Schedule a demo