Standard Classes

All of our classes are designed to teach children ages 0-5. To see the schedule, click here

Babies, Toddlers, and Big Kids participate together with the grown-ups.

Children learn from watching adults with whom they have a bond model music-making.

They also learn from watching and interacting with other children.

Older children can choose to follow grown-ups or lead smaller children.

Younger children learn and engage with both the adults and with the older children.

After the age of 5, the most effective teaching methods might include more interactive verbal engagement and games.

While participation from adults is necessary, children participate according to their abilities and only when the activity is freely chosen.  This is a NON-PERFORMANCE oriented, informal learning environment.

Our classes feature:

1) classes with up to 12 families per class

2) active participation of all adults (exposure, engagement, and immersion of children)

3) age-appropriate props (not miniature violins or oboes!)

4) opportunities for imaginative play and improvisation

5) light choreography

6) small and large movement activities

7) songs with and without words

8) rhythm chants, tonal and rhythm patterns done in a call/response fashion

9) routine - our classes follow a predictable structure including our signature Hello and Goodbye songs , lullabyes, play alongs, and free dances