In-School classes



Kiddie Korner is a qualified provider of Music Together®,
making a commitment to include music as an essential part of its core curriculum


Naomi's Music has been a proud provider of the Music Together Curriculum at Kiddie Korner since 1999. 

In-School Music Together® Classes

As part of the Music Together curriculum, Music Together specialists teach weekly music and movement classes in early learning settings in cooperation with classroom teachers. Classroom teachers then follow through on the weekly sessions, adapting activities to their curriculum needs and interests. Recordings, songbooks, and teaching materials are provided to each classroom and family. Children “bring the music home” for parent-child music play, sharing the songs and activities learned in school. The Music Together curriculum provides children with the opportunity to learn music in developmentally appropriate ways; supports their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development; enhances the classroom experience; gives parents enjoyable and significant ways to nurture their children’s development; and enhances happiness and well-being in the school community.

All Kiddie Korner families receive Music Together materials, including CDs and the ability to download the music digitally, as well as supplementary material online through the FAMILY MUSIC ZONE and if the children are not in school the day that the music specialist is in, the children are welcome to attend any preschool or Mixed Age class taught by Naomi or Kyle.

We encourage all families with children enrolled at Kiddie Korner to attend Naomi's Pajama Time Classes at 6:00pm on Thursdays and Sunday afternoon classes at 4pm or 5pm (reservations required: click here to schedule a visit). Visits are complimentary!  And there's no substitute for sharing these classes with your child.  It makes the music you take home come alive for you, and it helps to promote more parent/child musical interactions outside of the classroom. 


Naomi donates her time and expertise to Kiddie Korner free of charge.

Naomi's Music Mixed age and BABIES classes are open to Kiddie Korner families at a drastically reduced price.  The service fees are paid by Kiddie Korner for fall but must be covered by the families for qinter and spring and summer.  The calendar that Kiddie Korner follows does not match the family classes.  Kiddie Korner uses 2 Music Together Collections per year: the fall and winter collections. Naomi’s Music family classes run on a trimester cycle with an added summer session.  You can see this schedule by clicking on the calendar link here.

Kiddie Korner families signing up to take classes with Naomi’s Music for any of their children, including those NOT enrolled at KK, click on a special registration price at checkout.