Kiddie Korner Families

Kiddie Korner families:

-are automatically enrolled in the Music Together® program. 

-are paid for by Kiddie Korner for the fall and winter sessions only. 

-are welcome to visit any mixed ages class during the fall and winter sessions at any time free of charge (online reservations required).  Non work-hour classes are Thursdays at 6pm and Sundays at 4pm and 5pm.

-are welcome to enroll any/all of their children, including non KK siblings, in regularly scheduled mixed-age and babies classes

Should you choose to enroll in one of our family classes on a regular basis, you need only pay a tuition fee of: $50.  There is a setup fee of $55 that KK families DO NOT have to pay during the fall and winter sessions as this fee is covered by Kiddie Korner.  This fee needs to be paid by KK families in the spring and summer sessions.